Welcome and Thank You for Visiting
Greetings friends, and hope that you all are enjoying what this beautiful life has to offer.

It is also a very busy time for me with a large yard to maintain, etc, but not too busy to have finished a couple of paintings that I would like to share with you.
My very best regards

The first one is entitled "Morning Calm" from an early morning photo I took  of our campsite by a beautiful lake while exploring parts of northern British Columbia, There was a certain magic to see the early morning pinkish red colors before the sun was fully visable.  I did my best to capture that special moment.

The second painting titled" Mountain Stream" was based again from another photo I took while driving along a rough gravel road high up on Forbidden Plateau Mountain. The energy of the water cascading down the rocks on its way to the sea was spectacular, thus my painting

I hope these paintings, as well as many others on my web site, might tweak your interest, that you might order on of my Giclee Museum Archival quality canvas prints that might be of interest to you or your loved ones.

Again, my family and I wish both you and your families the best summer possible.